Junior Leadership Council

scope junior leadership council (JLC)

NEXT MEETING – December 1st Meeting & Gives Back Activity

We ask that a member from each club attends the meeting to share/learn updates.
Saturday, December 1, 2018 / 11am – 1pm / @ Fiver Children’s Foundation at 519 8th Avenue, 24th Floor, NY, NY 10018
Register by email choi@scopeusa.org!
We will meet to discuss:

  • What JLC members are doing in the community to raise awareness and funds for SCOPE
  • This year’s JLC Gives Back Service Project to benefit SCOPE campers
  • How you can fundraise in your community throughout the year

Gives Back Activity: For this meeting, we ask that each teen brings three (or more!) *new* books to be gifted to SCOPE campers. We will wrap and decorate these gifts together.



Thanks to everyone who has ran/is working on a fall fundraiser! Here are some resources to kick-start your next event/initiative:


Completed fundraisers/initiatives

HHH Club


HHH West Community Fair 10/18

Mixology Shopping Event 10/18

Livingston HS SCOPE Club


Blaze Pizza Fundraiser 11/1


Vanilla Sky Shopping Event 11/17

Strides 4 SCOPE 5K 11/11

Emily Goldberg, Jocelyn Lee, Rachel Lieberman, Taconic Teens (3), Trevor Day School SCOPE Club (6 members)


Rachel Bilzin & Julia Soleymani


Lester’s Shopping Event 11/14

Event Page >

Donation Page raised $6,235 >

Emily & Zoe Aaron


Tarrytown Mitzvah Fair with SCOPE 11/18



Current/Upcoming Fundraisers/Initiatives

North Valley SCOPE Club 11/27 – Canteen in Westwood Shopping Event


Tyler Hill Camp


12/8 – THC has Soul4SCOPE https://support.scopeusa.org/thc-soul4scope


HHH Club


SCOPE Bracelet Sales


Warren SCOPE Club


Sticker Sales


Cupcake Wars Fundraiser: Manalapan Miracles for SCOPE Date in January
SCOPE Intern

Emily Goldberg

Julia Goldman


In the Works

Hayley Canell SCOPE T-shirts


Marlboro HS SCOPE Club Bagging & Canning


Millburn SCOPE Club SoulCycle Event


Scarsdale High School Flywheel Event


SCOPE Club Approved Scarsdale High School


Waiting for Club Approval: Horace Greeley High School