Matty’s Story


Throughout all my years at camp I had quite a few mentors who were major influencers on my life. They trusted me, supported me, and guided me throughout my childhood and in my present life. Without them, I would’ve had a very different experience. They are very special people.


Camp gave me the opportunity to experience new activities that I would have never tried at home.


I was so fortunate and honored to have my Dad be a part of my camp life. He was a Legend at camp for 25 years. He was the one who believed in me, pushed me to try new things, and was my biggest fan.



Everyone deserves to feel like they are connected to someone or something. The opportunity to experience summer camp can have such an impact on your life, whether it is a strong connection to the place or people you meet.


I hope SCOPE campers try new things and know that they can be themselves and not worrying about social pressures from home – to be able to be themselves and step outside of their comfort zone. May they enjoy every minute and make sure to have fun!


Now more than ever it so essential to be able to unplug, live in the moment and be present.


Camp had such a major impact on my life. The place, the people, the memories. I learned what it means to give back, unplug from technology, be present, and have fun. Camp is amazing and every child should have the opportunity to experience it in some way. I want to be able to create different ways – whether it be through fundraisers, mentorship, or creating a safe place – for children to step outside the boundaries of their home life to enjoy everything camp has to offer.