Xavier: Positive Role Models

Trail Blazer Camps
SCOPE Northeast

Camp has influenced my life in many ways. Before I came to camp my grandfather promised to take me fishing but he passed away before we were able to go. Thanks to camp I learned how to fish, canoe, hike, and swim. These are all of the things my grandfather wanted to teach me before he passed away.

Camp has also given me positive male role models at a time I needed it the most. The counselors at Trail Blazers have been good role models for the past 3 years that I attended camp. My counselor, Magnius, has inspired me the most. He is from Ireland and taught me about his background and what he had to do when he was a kid. He has taught me to be confident and to never give up on myself. I look forward to seeing him every year.

Xavier smiling with his friend

The biggest reason camp has played such a big part of my life is because of my mother. Growing up my mother always talked about camp as being the best part of her childhood. Riel, who is now the Trail Blazers Executive Director, was my mother’s counselor for years. My mother always told me about how her opportunity to go to camp changed her life for the better. When I was old enough my mom talked to Riel and learned about Trail Blazers and SCOPE support. Together they made camp happen for me. My mother looked forward to camp every year like I do. It makes me happy to be able to share this experience with my mother.

I would like to thank SCOPE and all of the people who support SCOPE and help me and kids like me go to camp every year.