Ella & Sarah: The Value of Giving

Camp was one of the most important things in my life. From that first summer at age 8 at sleepaway camp, I knew I found my place.

Our oldest daughter, who is almost six years old, is entering her 4th year of day camp. Our younger daughter, age 3 ½ is entering her 2nd year.  They are both thriving at camp and we are watching them both become more confident, independent and adventurous.

This Chanukah, we decided as a family that on the 2nd night, instead of gifts, our daughters would pick a charity that we would donate to. We want to teach our children the importance of giving to those less fortunate. We presented them with three charity choices, all involving children, and they chose SCOPE! They wanted other children to have the same amazing camp experience they get to have each summer.

– Jess M, SCOPE Supporter