Doug Pierce’s Story

I have always loved the camp environment… In a way, it’s all I know! I left the hospital as a newborn many moons ago and came directly “home” to camp where I have lived and worked my entire life… I am a very lucky boy! It is such a unique and supportive environment that promotes so many wonderful memories and values. It is a place that allows children (and staff) to make new friends, unlock creativity and grow in so many ways. I wasn’t the type of kid that was good at sitting at a desk… I was much more suited for a hands-on experience, a day full of physical activities was much more appealing to me. Camp gave me that and still does to this day!

The camp experience has a lot to do with the quality and variety of its program and how it is offered. Personally, I loved the variety! Sports, swimming, the arts, camp crafts, healthy competition, learning new skills, pizza and hamburgers, with an afternoon ice cream break… now that’s the perfect day for me!
Having camp counselors who thrive in the camp environment offering a myriad of spirited activities is plain and simply FUN! Where else does that happen day in and day out, all day long?
We have a saying here at Pierce, “Something for everyone and success for all.”

My camp experience was shaped a great deal by staff members that I can remember to this day. Baseball specialists that worked with us, lifeguards that helped to make me a strong swimmer, group counselors who were friendly, “cool”, and supportive along with a creative staff who opened my eyes to new activities and experiences.

I was like many of the other kids who enjoyed having counselors around! They coached us, gently pushed us to achieve our potential, and challenged us to try new things and kidded around with us. They were having fun and we were too!


SCOPE provides our great children with opportunities that they would otherwise never have. A new and dynamic environment unlike any they have ever experienced before… Opportunity, what a wonderful thing to offer to others: the opportunity to make new friends, to be exposed to activities that are new to them, to leave home and develop new skills of independence, confidence and hopefully leadership.


A summer at camp holds so much potential for campers! This new adventure that our SCOPE kids get opens a whole new world to them. It is truly a journey that will enrich their lives like nothing else!
Not only will they improve their social skill set, their athletic skills, learn to swim and make new friends, they will also develop life skills that will serve them well as they approach adulthood. They will become more independent, self assured, and confident. Under the guidance of a warm and nurturing staff, their eyes will be opened to a supportive learning environment that hopefully impacts them to be the very best they can be moving forward!


I am hopeful that the SCOPE experience for our children offers them the opportunity to dream… Dream BIG! Dream about personal success, dream about helping others, dream about achieving whatever goals you may have for yourselves. I am hopeful that our SCOPE campers and graduates come away from their camp experiences with new found skills, better prepared to take on the challenges of life. Confident in themselves with a “can do” attitude and a sense of empowerment.

I have tried to live my life helping children and staff to achieve their greatest potential. I have dedicated my professional life to the enrichment of children and camp is the perfect laboratory to do just that!

I truly believe that the magic of camp is one of the most positive and powerful experiences one can have.
It is a community of people who are connected in a very special and enlightened way.
I can think of no better gift, then the gift of camp, a place where spirit soars and laughter roars!