Sophia’s Smores Support SCOPE

Congratulations to our Junior Leadership Council member Sophia Benson for reaching her goal to raise $1,300 for her Mitzvah Project! Sophia raised funds by making and selling smores on a stick at her softball games. By reaching her goal, she is able to send a child in need to an overnight residential camp for 2 weeks this summer.

In her words, Sophia shares why the summer camp experience is important to her and why she decided to send kids in need to summer camp through SCOPE.

“My sleep away camp that I go to is called Camp Kinder Ring. It’s my home away from home. Camp means the world to me and I would love for someone else to have that experience as well. Camp is so special to me because every year I make so many new friends it’s like magic.

I would like to give a child in need the opportunity to go to sleep away camp and have the summer of their lives. It is important for kids to go to sleep away camp so they can make everlasting friendships, and experience some fun, new activities.

My hope is that other kids get to experience the greatness of camp through the help of my Mitzvah Project.”

Many thanks to Sophia, her family, friends, and supporters for supporting SCOPE!