Jay Canell


Camp is a place to learn life lessons. Even from a very young age. Summer camp is a place that gives you the opportunity to learn how to deal with your own decisions and their consequences, without the help or intervention of parents. Additionally, campers learn to live with each other and navigate social issues in a nurturing, tolerant environment.


It was wonderful to become closer with existing friends while also making new friends every summer. Camp taught me how to live in a bunk with other boys. It also taught me how to interact and become friends with girls. I am proud to say that I have maintained life-long friendships with the wonderful people I met at camp. My close camp friends would do anything for me, and I would do anything for them.


Having Jay and Mindy Jacobs in camp, people who really care about the way everyone at camp is treated, addressing issues should they arise and creating a bully-free environment, really shaped the culture at camp. By creating the STARFISH “system”, friendship, caring for others, tolerance and helping others come before winning a game or being recognized as a great athlete. This type of system helps to foster these beliefs from a young age.



Learn to live with, and respect, others in a small physical space (bunk); be able to co-exist with strangers in those first moments/days of camp; learn to coexist and tolerate others, even those you are not necessarily compatible with.


Respecting other’s emotional space.


Learning sportsmanship and taking into consideration the different skill levels and abilities of each camper.

Camp is something that very few people in the world can afford and it was a gift that my siblings and I were given by our parents. Children whose families don’t have the means to afford camp shouldn’t have to miss out because of cost. My efforts with SCOPE are to help provide access to camp for all children!

Charity has become a very important part of my life and it is important to me to teach my children about the advantages they have. Unlike many families without food, clothing, shelter and safety, we are fortunate and it is important to give back. Giving back and respecting the gifts we have been given are important lessons to learn.

I want my children to understand that but for the people who donate their time and money to make the world a better place for others, the opportunities and experiences that SCOPE provides for children would not be possible.

Along with his daughter Hayley, Jay is a long-time and devoted SCOPE supporter.