Gayle Schreiber


Once I became a counselor, then a leader, and eventually a director, I was able to give the camp experience to others, so many times over. I have loved watching children experience camp for the first time as they let down their guard, came out of their shell, and conquered fears. I have seen camp change lives; I will always be grateful to be a part of this experience.


The friends I made at camp were different from the friends I had at home. Although we come from different places and brought different experiences with us, because we lived together for 8 weeks we shared a bond that was so much stronger and deeper. These were the first friends who I truly loved, and to this day I still hold that bond with some of them.


Learning camp traditions, being part of those traditions and passing them down is truly magical. These elements make each camp special and unique. They stay with you for the rest of your life, and make camp forever a part of you, and you a part of camp. Who doesn’t get chills from Friday night whites and candles on the lake?



There is so much waiting for you at camp, you just have to try it. I hope SCOPE campers try new things, push themselves out of their comfort zone, and experience all that camp has to offer. They will walk away with an amazing feeling of self-confidence that will last a lifetime.


It doesn’t take long to form new relationships at camp. A day at camp is like a month at home. So even in the brief time they are at camp, I hope that these children form the type of bonds that allow them to truly be themselves and to feel loved.


Camp is a bubble! Once the campers enter the camp bubble I hope that they are able to leave all of their ‘real world’ worries at home and just experience true, carefree summer fun! Enjoy the outdoors, be silly, and have FUN!


Camp has truly given me everything. I met my husband at camp, I found a career at camp, and now I have the gift of seeing my children love camp even more than I did. I can’t help but think what a better place this world would be if everyone went to camp!