Dana K.’s Story


I am still best friends with the girls I met at camp 26 years ago. We get together throughout the year and we just LAUGH! These women have been unconditional friends throughout my life and are some of my most cherished friendships.


I loved my camp experience so much as a camper and counselor, that now I have made my career as a Camp Director. I get to give back to the place that gave me so much – I hope that I am giving other children the same life-changing experiences I had at camp.


Being surrounded by female counselors who were role models was empowering, even at a young age. I learned so much from having such positive and relatable role models in my life. At camp I felt part of something bigger than myself; a community of women that would be there for me long after my days at camp.



No phones, no screens – just people. I hope SCOPE campers enjoy relationships at camp with peers and adults that have texture and are meaningful.


I hope SCOPE campers feel part of a community that embraces them, nurtures them and helps them pursue new passions.


I hope that SCOPE campers also experience that special sort of moment that only happens at camp in which nothing especially remarkable happens and yet everyone is laughing hysterically, lying on each other’s beds and simply just enjoying being together in the magic environment that is camp.

Camp, and the people I have met through camp, made me the person I am today. Camp brings out the very best in each person. The experiences I had at camp are a constant reminder of how much good there is in this world. It gave me the foundation and the tools I needed in life to be successful.