Michele’s Story


Summer is a very important time of year for children, it is not just a break from school and academics but it is also an opportunity to go away to summer camp! Life can have many challenges and when you are a child going through a rough time (whether it’s in middle school, high school, college or beyond), it is nice to know that you will always have your network of camp friends by your side.

Summer friendships are very unique and supportive and can give kids the confidence and skills to become more successful adults. Camp is not just about surviving but it is also about thriving and it is important to be in the right environment that creates a sense of security and acceptance.


Camp friends are your friends for life. Living in tight quarters together, unplugging from electronics and being surrounded by nature really helps to foster a very special bond that can rarely be compared to any other experience in the world.


Camp is a time for personal growth and trying new experiences outside of your hobbies and interests at home. Camp helps kids gain self-confidence and greater independence.


  • A sense of freedom and adventure
  • Awareness of nature and the beauty of lakes and trees
  • An empowering feeling from meeting new friends and trying new things!


Camp is a special, precious gift. If you are lucky enough to experience it even just for one summer, you will be grateful for that gift for the rest of your life.