Kalna’s Story

  • My kids
  • Fellow counselors
  • Being outdoors


Camp experiences can show kids the power of being kind and accepting. When children of all skill sets come together, the activities that they participate in can give all campers an equal and fair chance. No child should feel inferior to their peers because of how fast they can run, how hard they hit a ball, or how smart they are. Children should be valued for their unique abilities and should have a sense of belonging within a community.


Campers should be encouraged to try new things, be independent, and endure setbacks.


Nature deficiency disorder is actual a thing. Technology is all around us and I cannot stress the importance of children being able to be outside and experience good, old-fashioned fun. Camp is a place to be immersed in nature – in our day-to-day lives, it is easy to forget to stop and appreciate beauty in the natural world.

There are so many positive aspects to camp and I feel the true benefits are sometimes overlooked. Camp transcends beyond just the basics of fun and play. The only way to get a deeper understanding is to actually experience it. The individual successes that these children have at camp will later carry on with them to other areas of their lives whether it’s school, work, or even their family.