CampCast Podcast

SCOPE Junior Leaders Sami and Sabrina chat with members of the camp community in this ongoing podcast series!

_Campcast is a podcast all about camp, what it takes to run a camp, the impact of camp from a camper’s perspective, and why everyone should have a camp-like experience at least once in their lifetime.

SCOPE provides children from underserved communities with life-changing opportunities through the experience of summer camp. Together, we will get the word out there and send even more children to camp!

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Episode 13: The Importance of Camper/Staff Relationships (Dana Laxer)

Episode 12: Part 2: SCOPE SCOPE SCOPE (Molly Hott Gallagher)

Episode 11: Part 1: SCOPE SCOPE SCOPE (Molly Hott Gallagher)

Episode 10: Opportunities Provided Through SCOPE (Heather O'Dell)

Episode 9: An International Perspective (Liam Macleod)

Episode 8: The Power of Camp (Scott Brody)

Episode 7: The Business Behind Camp (Michael Baer)

Episode 6: Meet Adam Baker

Episode 5: Meet Andy Siegel

Episode 4: A Look into the JLC (Ryan Stoltz)

Episode 3: Behind the Scenes of Camp (Brent Osborne)

Episode 2: Meet Xeta

Episode 1: Introduction (Sami Cohen & Sabrina Riback)